Where to place the microwave in a small kitchen

Nowadays many people have to learn to live in small houses , this makes the space available for all the environments of the home is really limited. One of the rooms that needs more space to be functional is the kitchen, what do we do when our kitchen is so small that it does not fit all the appliances in it? Today we will talk about some ideas that explain to us where to place the microwave .

Microwave Built-In Kitchen Furniture

One of the most valid ideas if we have little space in the kitchen is to integrate the microwave in the cabinets .The kitchen cabinets usually function as modules and are already designed to carry this appliance, we just have to choose the space and place it in it. If we see the most sold integrable microwaves we will see that all of them are already prepared with all the benefits so that we can do the installation correctly. The only disadvantage is that you lose storage space.

Microwave on the kitchen counter

Another idea that can be very useful if you have a really small kitchen is to place the microwave on top of the counter . If our kitchen cabinets are tiny and a microwave can steal too much space, putting it on the counter is a good choice. You can put it as it is or with some kind of shelf that allows you to store things underneath (on the ikea they sell some as they go very well). The most important disadvantage of this option is that if the counter is mini you will have little space to cook.

The microwave in a column

Many kitchens have columns that do not serve us at all, just bother, if that is your case that column can be a good place to place the microwave, even an oven! Take advantage of the column to the maximum and optimize space. The disadvantage of this idea is that you will surely need help from a technician.

Microwave hanging on the wall

One last option is to hang the microwave on the wall , there are many ways to do it, you just have to look for the assembly that you think is optimal for you. In general you have to watch out to hang it at a prudential distance so that it can be used, but do not cause silly blows with the passage of people. The disadvantage of this idea is that it depends where you place it can be a little annoying.

In short, there are many ways to put a microwave in a small kitchen, which one do you have?

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