The best colors for kitchens

How many color options for kitchens are there? Which kitchen color is right for you? Today we focus on the different colors for kitchens and all their possibilities

One of the questions that usually arises when we want to reform a kitchen is: what color do I use? If you also have this question and you want ideas to answer it, attention! Today we will talk about colors for kitchens , so that you can find that color that best suits your needs and tastes, let’s go!

Red kitchens

Kitchen colors

If we talk about colors for modern kitchens , we have to highlight the color red , which is a color that is widely used today in the design of kitchens. If we take a look at catalogs of interior design, we will see that red has a prominent role, especially to give some color in a modern space. The color red is a color tone that belongs to the warm and that draws much attention. If you decide to decorate your house with this color it is advisable to use it for kitchen furniture (like the ones in the photo) or for a front wall.

Yellow kitchens

Kitchen colors

Another color that normally has not been used much in the decoration of kitchens but that is booming is the color yellow. The yellow kitchens are warm and can be a very good choice if we want something cheerful and youthful to decorate the space . It reminds us of foods like lemon, which have always been associated with positive things.Choosing yellow furniture in a white walls kitchen is a colorful and fresh idea.

Green kitchens

Kitchen colors

The color green is a color that refers us to nature, so it conveys calm and serenity . As we see in the photograph, there are many shades of green, from pastel tones to tones much more striking and vibrant, in any case, a combination of several greens gives us an interesting composition like the one we can see in the photo. In addition, we can add small strokes of yellow, the result is really wonderful.

White kitchens

Kitchen colors

If you are looking for colors for small kitchens this option is really very good, as the white color allows us to make a kitchen look much bigger, and stay more spacious. If you do not just dare with flashy colors and you do not know very well which color to choose, or if you are renovating a flat to rent it or sell it later, the color bank is always a safe option. The white kitchens also have a very Nordic feel.

Blue kitchens

Kitchen colors

We continue with the colors of kitchens, in this case we speak of the blue kitchens . The blue color, throughout its range, is an ideal tone to give a sense of peace and tranquility . It is a very good color if you want those vibrations to accompany you while you cook. It is a color that can go very well for classic houses, since we can find houses of that style that use this color.

Black kitchen

Kitchen colors

Another common kitchen color we can find when looking for photos that help us to inspire us, is the color black.Black kitchens convey sophistication, so they are often used in luxury or minimalist homes . The color black is a perfect color if you want an elegant kitchen that draws the attention of your guests. Black can create a bit of claustrophobia, since it dwarfs the space, it is better to balance it with white.

Gray kitchens

Kitchen colors

If the white color seems bland and the trade too much, an intermediate choice within the neutral color range, is the gray color . The gray color has infinite hues, so you can end up finding the one that best suits your taste. It can be ideal for any type of housing, from more vintage homes to more modern homes .

Violet Kitchens

Kitchen colors

If you are looking for a color that is not very usual but gives you a beautiful result, violet is an option to take into account. In this modern design the truth is that the result is very beautiful and visual, especially in white rooms where it stands out strongly. Accompanied by the silver color, the result is also very elegant to the eye.

Pink kitchens

Kitchen colors

If you want to give a feminine touch to your home , a color that can not miss your kitchen, is the color pink. The pink color is not usually used much in kitchen furniture since it is usually related directly to the feminine gender, a distinction that today is increasingly outmoded, however, some styles such as shabby chic usually use it in a common way .

Gold kitchen

Kitchen colors

The color gold is a color that is usually related to power and excess. It is not a color that is used a lot in the decoration of kitchens, but that well managed, as is the case of the photo, can give us as a result an elegant kitchen that catches our attention.

Orange kitchens

Kitchen colors

The color orange is a very striking color that is usually related to the sun and fire. Like the color yellow or red, it is a modern color, which also gives a cheerful and youthful touch to any kitchen. If you want a modern kitchen, full of youth and uniqueness, this is a very good option.

Brown kitchens

Kitchen colors

In the choice of colors for kitchens, the color brown is a classic. No doubt, if there is a color that has been used for years, it is brown, something normal considering that it matches the color of the wood. The brown reminds us of the color of the earth and nature , so it is widely used in rustic kitchens and country houses, as well as classic spaces that seek to give the home a warm and cozy touch.

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Aquamarine kitchens

Kitchen colors

If you are looking for colors for vintage kitchens , the aquamarine color is one of the most used. The aquamarine color, on the way between the green color and the blue color, conveys calm and serenity, besides being a color with a marine touch that oozes good vibes. If accompanied with retro kitchen elements and vintage tiles, the result is even better.

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