How to build a pub-inspired kitchen

Would you like your kitchen to have that underground air of the bars or pubs that you frequent? Getting it is not so complicated. You just need a little imagination to give you a different, alternative and personality-friendly kitchen decoration.

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One of the first things you can do to make your kitchen look like a pub is to place a bar inspired by a bar . There are many models of American bars, you only have to choose one with wood support and metal surface. That may be the main part of your new kitchen, although for this, you must have an open design house. These types of bars work very well in houses decorated in an industrial style.

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Kitchen bar

We can not talk about houses inspired by bars without mentioning the chairs. Whether it’s bar stools or chairs for a dining room in the kitchen , it’s important that the aesthetics of these chairs will match that of a pub. There are many types of bar chairs, traditional, rustic or modern, more oriented to current establishments. In any case, an alternative when it comes to choosing chairs, is to buy cheap bar furniture at some outlet or some gift shop. You will get the desired result but at a much cheaper price.


If your apartment is designed with a separate kitchen, you have other alternatives. For example. You can place a piece of furniture type cafeteria , with a slate wall where you can write the daily menu. In the furniture you can leave the pastries and the cakes that you make, as well as the coffee maker that you use.

Kitchen bar

Another idea to give your kitchen that bar air we are looking for is to place a sign or letters with DINER lights on it. In American diners it is typical to see this type of glittering lettering at the entrances, and it is associated with a very characteristic type of aesthetic. Put it in some hole in the wall, and get the space in one of those fast food places that we can see so much in the American series.