10 things that you must have in your kitchen

The time has come, after searching and searching, you have managed to find the house of your dreams, and now begins the difficult task of buying all the essential things to live comfortably in it. One of the rooms that more prepared should be, is the kitchen. Having a practical and functional kitchen is necessary so that when it comes to cooking, everything works on wheels. Today we explain the 10 things about kitchenware that you can not miss in your new kitchen, because there is life beyond the pots, paellas and cutlery.

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  1. Razor support bars: when you’re cooking and go up and down with a rag, you’ll be grateful to know where you have to leave it. The support bars are very practical and will avoid that you end up dirtying every rag that falls into your hands.
  2. Botellero: for lovers of good wines, nothing better than a bottle rack to keep them well stored, safely.
  3. Organizer jars for pasta, rice and legumes: Did you plan to leave food bags in their original plastic bags?Bad idea! The bags usually open, leaving the entire pantry lost. Buy plastic or glass jars and keep everything in place.
  4. A coffee maker: It seems obvious, but we often overlook it, especially when we have machines like Nespresso, however, you never know when the capsules are going to run out, and since Murphy’s law is true, That day you have visitors.
  5. Pitcher with water filter: Can you use tap water because you were going to buy bottled water? A good way to save money is to buy pitchers with filters, they are practical and economical.
  6. A paellera to eat a good paella: why if there is something you will learn cooking is that a real Paella can not be done in a pan to use, it has to be a paella, typical and topical.
  7. A scale: are you thinking that weighing food “by the eye” works? The best thing you can do to not try your luck and get the results of the cooking magazines you buy is to weigh the food when you prepare the dishes.
  8. Cortaverduras: If the human being has invented kitchen accessories to make our lives easier, why are we going to complicate it? Use the cutters and goodbye at times by cutting carrots and onions.
  9. An express pot: it ‘s great to want to cook Grandma’s stew, but we all know that it takes hours, many hours. If you want to shorten the cooking time because you spend the day running up and down, it is best to bet on an espresso pot.
  10. Splashes for the microwave: and goodbye to the splashes of tomato when you heat some good spaghetti bolognese.