Vintage kitchen tables give your kitchen a retro touch

Are you looking for an even more vintage touch for your kitchen but you do not know how to get it? Well do not worry because you just arrived at the place indicted. And is that, from AmbienceUSA we are going to give you a series of guidelines that you are sure to take into account when decorating this part of your house. You are ready? Why don’t you make a nice cup of coffee from your coffee machine and get started!

Vintage tables

The wood for your kitchen will give you a very vintage touch

It goes without saying that wood is one of the most vintage materials . This brings some natural and retro touch to any corner and so it is a very interesting option to use at any of the tables in your kitchen. You can find them already built to directly install them in your house, although you will always have the option to ask that they be personalized so that it always suits your tastes and needs.

Once you do, you will quickly realize that your entire kitchen has gained a touch of the most vintage that surely came needing time ago. And is that as we have been telling you, this style is lately fashionable and sure that you choose what you choose, you are going to hit the spot. Especially if this is related to materials such as wood as discussed above

The American kitchen is also very fashionable

Do you have enough space to decorate your kitchen? Well, it’s about time you turned it into a kitchen of the most “American”. The truth is that this trend is getting more and more fans around the world . The reason? Because when choosing an American kitchen you will see as you want in space and comfort.

And do not forget later to put a large table in the central part as it is one of the most characteristic elements of vintage kitchens . You should know how to choose it very well because here you prepare your dresser and will also serve as support each time you receive a visit at home and go to your kitchen with the aim of breaking the ice a little. 

In short, if you have the necessary means, turning your entire kitchen can be simpler than you imagine. So why do not you start putting them into practice and tell us how you’ve been?

Interior of a home-office in a Chicago duplex

Imagine that one day you start a project on a web page with a blogger like you who lives at the other end of your city, and your project is so successful that you have to start looking for an office where you can work together.Something like this happened to Laina Kaczmarski and Danielle Moss , Chicago bloggers who began working together virtually until, over 1,000,000 monthly visits to her website forced them to look for a physical space in The one that matches. Finally, Iaina and Danielle ended up making themselves two apartments that turned into duplexes to live and work together, surely for many decoration bloggers the idea of ​​living their blog is a dream come true!

At they show us the duplexes they renovated and decorated to their liking , with an eclectic touch of the most charming.

Interior of a house-office

This is the living room that both share, an urban style living room with a brick wall that attracts attention. It is a small living room with a pearl gray sofa, with a side table to one side and a coffee table in front. Two other white armchairs close the room, wearing some very striking leopard print cushions .

Interior of a house-office

The dining room forms a sober white table with four chairs, decorated by simple table centers. On the left we can see a drink cart, like bar area. As we see, dining room and living room share, getting a perfect diaphanous space.

Interior of a house-office

In this detail of the table we can see the decoration of the table , with some dishes of white color and golden forks.The glasses are transparent, but with the golden edge too. Finally, the black and white striped napkins are the contrast point on this table.

Interior of a house-office

From this angle we can see how the kitchen is open to the dining room , a small kitchen with black furniture and pearl gray countertop. We can also see how the burlap carpet works to separate the environments .

Interior of a house-office

Here is the first desk of one of the bloggers. A small white table decorated with a small cork full of motivational images and an organizer for the coffee. To the left of the desk we can see a shelf with boxes perfect for the storage of objects, papers and accessories.

Interior of a house-office

The second desk , identical to the previous one, in this case however this blogger does not use cork, but a white table where also hangs those things that inspire him.

Interior of a house-office

This is one of the bedrooms of the duplex , with a double bed, side tables to side and side and wall of the headboard full of pictures creating a beautiful composition.

Interior of a house-office

This second bedroom is similar to the previous one, but less recharged. In this case, we only see a few pictures side by side. Also notice the head of gray, color that we also find in the gratings of the sheets of the bed.

How to build a pub-inspired kitchen

Would you like your kitchen to have that underground air of the bars or pubs that you frequent? Getting it is not so complicated. You just need a little imagination to give you a different, alternative and personality-friendly kitchen decoration.

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One of the first things you can do to make your kitchen look like a pub is to place a bar inspired by a bar . There are many models of American bars, you only have to choose one with wood support and metal surface. That may be the main part of your new kitchen, although for this, you must have an open design house. These types of bars work very well in houses decorated in an industrial style.

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Kitchen bar

We can not talk about houses inspired by bars without mentioning the chairs. Whether it’s bar stools or chairs for a dining room in the kitchen , it’s important that the aesthetics of these chairs will match that of a pub. There are many types of bar chairs, traditional, rustic or modern, more oriented to current establishments. In any case, an alternative when it comes to choosing chairs, is to buy cheap bar furniture at some outlet or some gift shop. You will get the desired result but at a much cheaper price.


If your apartment is designed with a separate kitchen, you have other alternatives. For example. You can place a piece of furniture type cafeteria , with a slate wall where you can write the daily menu. In the furniture you can leave the pastries and the cakes that you make, as well as the coffee maker that you use.

Kitchen bar

Another idea to give your kitchen that bar air we are looking for is to place a sign or letters with DINER lights on it. In American diners it is typical to see this type of glittering lettering at the entrances, and it is associated with a very characteristic type of aesthetic. Put it in some hole in the wall, and get the space in one of those fast food places that we can see so much in the American series.